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Beautiful Life

A Dark Tragic-Romance Series (Beautiful Series Book 3)
Book by Skye Bailey

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June 13, 2020  |  731 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Beautiful Life - Book cover“Will you let me in? I can make you forget the past, at least for tonight.”

He reached up to caress her face and kiss her. "Let me love you, Crystal. I need you. You need me. We need each other. We’re both broken souls. Maybe we can be broken together and make each other whole,” he said wiping her tears. He’d show her that she didn’t need to be afraid of the dark inside of her. She wasn’t like them. She didn’t have anything to worry about letting it out.

Her head told her to resist and to fight him but her heart and emotions told her to let herself go. She was lonely and desperate and exhausted from fighting. She wanted to feel some kind of comfort. Travis was offering her physical love and comfort in his own way and even though she felt it was wrong, she needed it desperately. So she gave in. She opened up her body and soul and gave herself to him. She would figure things out later when she could think more clearly. But not tonight. Tonight, she would let him love her and would not resist him.

*This is the third and final book of the Beautiful Series Book 3


Author's Notes

**Please Note: Mature content with graphic sexual situations, violence or other adult content. Reader discretion advised. 18+

**Please Note: This is a dark, tragic romance series that deals with kidnapping, sexual assault, depression, illness, rape, explicit sexual non-con situations, trauma, and threesomes. If such things offend you please do not buy this book and give it a negative review. It's not fair to readers and the author to give a negative review if you know you're not going to like it in the first place.

About Skye Bailey

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Skye Bailey is the pen name of an author who lives in the United States. She likes to write heart-wrenching, dark romance stories with characters that have gone through hardship and abuse and have survived and become thrivers. The author herself has gone through many struggles in her life and sometimes incorporates those struggles into her stories. Her stories will almost always have HEA...

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