Bloodline of Evil & The Devil's Breath

Bloodline of Evil - Book cover

8 August, 2012

I began writing at an early age. I still remember a teacher at school that was always amazed by my imagination. But I never wanted to become a writer. Just the idea of writing more than two pages about one topic was frightening enough.

Today, I must say writing is a lot of fun. Just creating and feeling the development of a whole story from the beginning til the end is fascinating. But it is also a very lonely job, which needs a lot of discipline. If I had known how small the chances are to get a book published I would never have written one. The percentage is 0,1%. On the other hand I never doubted the fact that it would happen.

Let´s say the stars were lined up for me. Sometimes in life you need a little portion of luck and I had that. Until Sam O´Connor came into my mind I wrote comedies. I love to laugh and shudder myself. Those are two extreme feelings that are very similar. For the future I chose the spooky one. When I´m not working at my desk I do a lot of sports. And then I have my little family that also needs some attention, even if there is a murderer on the run.


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