Cat Sense: A Feline Style for Living

Why can't people be more like cats?

The truth is that we can indeed be more like our feline friends.

Cat Sense is a cat-a-log of a book, chronicling common sense and taking it to uncommon heights. Gain mastery of your own life by following the cat's answers to questions that continue to puzzle us. From the lions of the Kalahari Desert to the Calicoes on your cushions, you are placed in the capable paws of a wide variety of cat guides who will help you devise strategies for successful living. Find out how to infuse more merriment, relaxation, adventure and camaraderie into each day. Follow the cat's approach on this guided tour and the way becomes clear. Adopt effective catitudes and live with style. Take this tabby's tutorial and you can count on gradating to a fun-filled, yet far from frivolous, life.


According to the Humane Society, approximately 86.4 million pets in the United States are cats, exceeding the number of any other household pet. Beloved of so many, cats must be doing something right. With this premise in mind, the author devoted considerable time to studying and researching the attributes and achievements of the cat, which are recounted in the book. Borrowing the best from their nature, and the author’s training and experience as a social worker, the book shows you how to live a richer life, full of enjoyment, friendship and active engagement with the world. While the cat lover can readily respond to the subject, the theme of the book is a universal one, where love, both of self and others, is paramount.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Inspirational

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