Chasing Fae

Grace Richardson is a young mortal woman whose only concerns are providing for her family, playing her violin, and spending as much time as possible with her brother, Leo. Her life in the Middle Realm has been fairly calm and uneventful. When Leo goes into service in the Fae’s world as a mercenary, she expects him to return with the honor that he deserves. When Leo suddenly dies in an unspecified accident, not a word, medal, or penny comes down from the higher-ups. And to make matters more suspicious, there is no body.

Suspecting foul play, Grace decides to disguise herself as a Fae and sneaks into the Upper Realm to get some answers. She anticipates being in way over her head, but the Fae soldier who discovers her true identity only a day in? Not so much. Now Grace is forced to drag Aiden along as she tries to work out exactly how and why her brother died. Along the way, she has no choice but to confront her prejudices against the Fae as she attempts to sort out the difference between the honest and the dishonest. Aiden and Grace traipse all over the Upper Realm, picking up different pieces of the puzzle along the way. Political conspiracies, demon realm escapades, and family secrets will all lead Grace to the answers she’s looking for… and some that she isn’t.

Author's Notes

Ten Reasons To Read Chasing Fae

This is for the reader who wants to fall into a story and never climb out. 
- I have been an avid reader my entire life. I started reading when I was three years old, and by kindergarten, I was already reading chapter books. I couldn’t get enough of stories. Fantasy has always been my favorite genre. The world draws you in and makes you chase the characters through the book, never wanting to take your eyes off for a second in fear you might miss something. The characters are vivid and passionate and flawed and real. You want to join them. You want to be them. 
And the magic! You can’t forget the magic. It captivates and swirls around you as you turn the pages and wonder what trouble it’s going to cause next. I wanted to write that kind of book, and I hope that you, the readers, believe I have created that book.

This is for the introverts who dream of being leaders in their own way. This is for the quiet and the bold.
- How many of you reading this identify with introverts? How many of you have been waiting to read something with an introverted main character who seizes her own destiny while staying true to the woman she is? My main character, Grace, is a passionate young woman who is perfectly content to recharge on her own and keep to herself. But she is a leader in her own right; when faced with a challenge, she attacks it head-on with a stubborn fierceness that will inspire. In my experience, introverts do not get enough credit for their leadership skills, particularly if they are quiet. I promise you will see Grace take charge and blow everyone else away.

This is for the adventurous.
- In Chasing Fae, the reader is going to be taken along for a high-stakes adventure with new surprises and secrets hiding around every corner. You will be kept on your toes as Grace navigates her way through the ever-changing Fae world she is thrust into. Prepare yourself for the rush of hiding from soldiers, traveling between realms, and running from those who would do you harm.

This is for those who have loved and lost.
- This book is for those who have experienced loss in their life, whether it be death, the breaking apart of a family, or breaking of contact with a friend. Chasing Fae is about loss and grieving after that loss. Grace loses her brother to mysterious circumstances, and she will stop at nothing to find out how and why. She is determined not to waver from her goal, which causes her walls to go up whenever someone pokes a hole in her plan. She will be forced to adapt, and in that, you will see her raw emotions start to peek through the cracks.

This is for the romantics who like to see things fall apart before they get put back together.
- I. Love. ‘Ships. One of the best parts of any story is watching relationships build up and crash, get back together, and fall apart again. Something about the ups and downs of being in love and falling in love makes characters feel more real, more vulnerable. Keep an eye out.

This is for readers who want to scream at a book every time there’s a new twist.
- I want readers flipping pages at 2 a.m. when they have to get ready for class the next morning, but they just can’t put it down.

This is for readers who love to get attached to their Harry Potter house.
- The Fae’s world, the Upper Realm, is made up of Twelve Noble Houses, each with their own distinct culture. They are as follows: House of the Sun, House of the Moon, House of the Day, House of the Evening, House of Light, House of Darkness, House of Water, House of Fire, House of Earth, House of Wind, House of Peace, and House of War. As the book unfolds, and as the entire trilogy unfolds, you will have a chance to step into each one of these lands and catch a glimpse of life there. I am hoping there will be a fantastic split over which House is the best. I know I’ve got my favorite.

This is for the good girls who want to be just a little bit dangerous.
Don’t let anyone put you in a box. You have so much potential inside of you, it is staggering. Believe me, I know a thing or two about what it is like to feel trapped in your identity and unsure of where you fit into the world. Grace is going through this very situation, and she is going to shatter all expectations. I hope she inspires you to do the same.

This is for those who keep getting back up despite the odds.
- I love strong female characters. I love how they talk. I love how they go after what they want. But I also like to see their vulnerability. I want to see how they react to heartbreak, struggle, and everything being thrown at them at once. That is the test of a true legend—someone who can get hit with everything in the book, take it all in, and while feeling all of the emotions that come with the challenge, stand back up and live to fight another day. I want readers to know they have it in them. Just like Grace.

Finally, this is for all of the young writers out there who need a little extra push to start that manuscript. To take that leap of faith. I did it. I want to see the rest of you join me.

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