Christmas Cookbook

Christmas Cookbook by Kirk Hudson - book cover.
Classic American Dishes, Easy Appetizers, and Desserts Reinvented

26 November, 2019

Christmas is one of the most cherished family holidays, during which the whole family gathers together for a special meal (or two!). Many hosts worry about the question of what to cook for Christmas.

Read on for the best Christmas recipes from America and Europe, including not only traditional dishes like stuffed turkey but also a great many other tasty and original recipes worthy of taking their place on your Christmas table: snacks, salads, fish, and desserts. This book provides step-by-step instructions, the caloricity of all dishes, the time and degree of complexity of the cooking, as well as vivid photos.

The book offers Christmas recipes including meat, fish, vegetables and, of course, delicious desserts and sweets that you won’t be able to refuse. These are dishes that will give you strength, lift your spirits, and surround you with the magic of Christmas.

The recipes were carefully selected so that none of the proposed options are too difficult nor too easy. The recipes included here will conjure memories of traditions we have loved since childhood. This book might also make a thoughtful gift for a friend. Enjoy!

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Genre: Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine

ISBN: 978-1-9794-7149-7


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