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Cita Con Dios

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February 2, 2021  |  589 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Cita Con Dios - Book coverPara el discípulo serio! Eres tu?
Lo experimentaste en el entorno de la iglesia Y con los Jóvenes. AHORA  LLévalo a  su casa con el fin de crecer en el Señor de la manera que siempre has querido.
La pareja DiVirgilio, expertos en el material del discipulado, les ofrecen una manera de profundizarse en tu andar con el Señor Jesús. Descárgalo por medio de tu Kindle app!

For the serious disciple! Is that you?
Tested out in the church environment AND with the Youth. NOW Take him home in order to grow in the Lord in the way you've always wanted.
The DiVirgilios, experts in discipleship material, share Bible study template proven to deepen your walk with the Lord Jesus. Download it through your Kindle app TODAY!

Author's Notes

The Bible study methods found in this ebook have been field-tested with worship leaders, youth, and everyday church members. Since the templates produced SUCH deep spiritual encounters and profound revelation in personal studies, I felt compelled to share them through an ebook format to reach the greatest variety of people possible.

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Carl and Trish are career missionaries currently ministering in the United States after dealing with her health issues. As a result, she has begun writing about her experience in posts found on WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: @FundacionEfrain. Since their sojourn in Belgium, they have ministered a second tour in Guatemala and published several Kindle e-books.

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