Collateral Intentions

THE ARGONAUTS (Nelson) meets SEE A GROWN MAN CRY/NOW WATCH HIM DIE (Rollins) in this raw & rattling Memoir-meets-Chapbook spanning more than 10 years of writing! Rummagings of journals, shoebox scraps, forgotten notes, and letters to loved ones come together to tell one writer's coming-of-age and his quest for unconditional self-love by dissecting his darkness. Each one-year chapter explores love, regret, identity, existence, ambition, depression, and the insanity of it all, neatly coming to a close with Constantine Dhonau's fireside banter of contextual backstory for each chapter.

"A veritable gift of living poiesis for the soul...a divinely inspired offering of transparent truth and personal revelation born from a life-transforming encounter with all too often denied, and at times necessarily despised parts of oneself."

"Exactly the kind of unpretentious yet sophisticated document that serves as both a spiritual handbook and an inspirational artifact."

"Without fail, the compelling images, thoughts, and feelings, expressed through the self explorations of a young person straddling the thresholds of adolescence to adulthood have provided potent learnings into understanding what's most important - how to be wholehearted and genuinely human."

"Even now as I read the first page I laughed out loud. I think if you choose to buy this book, I believe you may find something in it to make you wonder, make you laugh, make you want to be a better person, and make you appreciate life just a little bit more."

"It peels back layers and defenses in one's own psyche and relays the message of vulnerability that is universally common in being human and necessary in the journey of self-love."

Most of us tend to avoid the darkness within, but what happens when we turn to embrace it?

Join Constantine Dhonau as he artfully examines that which we prefer to ignore.

Collateral Intentions is a contemplative memoir expressed through 11 years of Constantine Dhonau's journal entries, poems, short stories, and letters from ages 17 to 28. He explores the power of our decisions and the dangers of disowning our pain. His writing spans the gamut of self-reflection, opens the door to our private worlds, and inspires us to extend an olive branch to our darkest self by exposing parts of his life which most keep under lock-and-key.

Author's Notes

I spent a few years leafing through old journals, plucking them from the chaos of amusement-park scribbles into the order of one polished book. Those years were adorned with laughter, tears, grunts, and cringe. I see this volume as a time of forming a healthier relationship with darkness such that I could co-exist with it, rather than being consumed by it.

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Genre: Fiction > Poetry

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ISBN: 9780578663425


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