Conversations With Colton

Conversations With Colton by Julie Catania-Shady, book cover.
A Story Of Fear, Faith and Doubt
Julie Catania-Shady

10 November, 2023

Life is just a series of short stories, and every decision you make becomes part of your story. When in the moment, will you choose faith over fear or fear over faith? It's an easy question to answer when you aren't in the "storm" but a huge question when something near and dear to you is in jeopardy.

Like many girls do, Julie dreamed of becoming a mommy. She dreamed of a perfect life for and with her child. After suffering a miscarriage and a cancer diagnosis, finding out she was pregnant was an incredible miracle. But what happened next put her faith to the test, more so than the previous trials. How do you keep having faith when you are caught in a "storm?" Conversations with Colton will explore just that! Colton survived despite what doctors said, and conversations with him have made all the fear, faith, and doubt that got to this moment 100 percent worth it.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality

ISBN: 9798888321010

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