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by Victoria Pitts Caine  US United States

October 13, 2018   |    1,827 reads    |   0 comments

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Cotton by Victoria Pitts-Caine. Book coverRunning from a life of poverty, 16 year old Cotton Ramsey escapes the Savannah River bottomland to New York. Twenty years later, she has changed her name and runs a large pharmaceutical company, which belonged to the family of her late husband.

When Beau Simpson, her first love, arrives to deliver the news of her daddy’s untimely death, the life she struggled to leave behind calls her home.

Author's Note: 

I started the book at least ten years ago in my writing class. I let it gather cobwebs for far too many years before I decided to get past the first chapter.

Meanwhile my other books found homes, were sold to other homes, and finally settled under one publisher but in different houses. When Cotton was finished in early 2016, I had BIG dreams of BIG publishers…well that didn’t happen.

I decided to go Indie and with a lot of help from other author friends who have chosen the same it is.

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