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Couples Therapy

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by Faith Marlow  US United States

September 8, 2019   |    468 reads    |   0 comments

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Couples Therapy - Book coverTrina wakes in a prison cell, her short term memory erased. How much time has passed? Where are her husband and daughter? Will she ever see her family again? The answers are hidden within her lost memory.
However, Trina soon discovers she is not alone. Three other women are trapped with her. Lydia, Jessica, and Susann. If they are to see their loved ones again, they must do as instructed.
Welcome to Mountainview. Are you ready to begin treatment?

Author's Note: 

This book was inspired by a dream where I was lost from my family and from researching the Standford Prison Experiments that occurred in 1971.

About The Author

Faith Marlow is a dark fantasy/ paranormal/ horror author with Vamptasy Publishing, an imprint of CHBB. Her stories stir emotions and explore the thin veil between human and the inhuman. Dark, yet inviting and familiar, Faith seeks to deliver chills with a sense of class, and sometimes a bit of heat. With each story, she hopes to build exposure for fellow women authors and artists who create horror.

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