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Craigslist Top Selling Secrets

How to create your income stream working from home in your spare time

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November 15, 2016  |  1,504 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Craigslist Top Selling Secrets (book) by Jeffrey DennisThis book provides everything you need to be a huge success selling on Craigslist.  If you’re looking to rid yourself of all your unused stuff, free up some space and make money at the same time then you’re in the right place.  You can create a substantial income stream to help fund your dreams, desires and passions.

You may already have experience with Craigslist but you can take your selling to a whole new level using the tips, tricks, techniques and strategies provided in this comprehensive book.  Its jam packed with everything you need!

• Take advantage of FREE membership benefits
• Discover HOT product categories that sell consistently well (and those that don’t)
• Tap into an endless supply of product ideas and resources
• Create killer product photos, titles and descriptions that make customers buy
• Discover ad layout tricks to get more eyes on your product
• Tips and strategies that propel you far above your competitors
• How to avoid the latest scams to keep you safe
• Interaction, negotiating and haggling tactics to maximize your impact and win sales
• Methods for easy ad management and maintenance
• See firsthand with product example and “take action” step-by-step guidance
• Much, much more

If you’re ready to clean house and de-cluttering while earning a nice income stream, Craigslist Top Selling Secrets will show you how.  You could be earning money right now so don’t waste another moment!


Author's Notes

A desire for a workshop along with a cluttered basement was the Genesis for creating this book. Purging, cleaning out and selling on Craigslist was the perfect solution allowing free space and funds for woodworking equipment. A realization that I could then help others do the same thing was born!

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Author, Videographer, Entrepreneur and Engineer. Jeff is passionate about creating multiple streams of income. He loves helping other part time aspiring entrepreneurs reach their fullest creative and independent potential so they can live the digital nomad lifestyle. Jeff's engineering background provides a no-nonsense, straight forward logical approach that sets him apart. His easy...

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