There is a crime war brewing in the city between the old guard and the new. Harrison Crane has stood atop the food chain for as long as anyone can remember, but now the self proclaimed voodoo princess Imatitkua Dossou and her Baka Boys are making a play for Crane’s territory. A woman steeped in myth and legend is using black magic superstition to chip away at Crane’s empire as the brutal animalistic murders of Crane’s men are committed across his territory.

Caught in the middle of this lives Lewis Stone a childhood friend of Crane and once a boxer who almost rose to the top before being forced to take a dive in what should have been his biggest night.

Now Stone lives in self imposed isolation deep inside the police no go area known as The Burrows but his existence is dragged back into the spotlight when he reluctantly agrees to help an out of town and out of her depth mother searching for her teenage daughter.

He takes payment to find the girl but his amateur investigation puts him into direct danger with both the police and his criminal neighbours as he wades through the underworld trying to stay alive while searching for the truth. But it is a truth shrouded in blood, death and mystery and one that he may regret looking for.

With the bodies mounting and time running out Stone is peeling back layers of the rotten city’s underbelly exposing secrets and betrayals that will shock him to his very core as an impossible killer wreaks havoc. He is an out of shape, bitter, loner, ex-boxer who has spent the past two decades living as a ghost in the city but maybe, just maybe if he can save the girl then he might be able to save himself.

Sometimes the most unlikeliest of horrors requires the most unlikeliest of heroes.

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Genre: Fiction > Horror & Paranormal

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