Cryptocurrency Guidebook Understanding Bitcoin

What You Should Know Before Investing
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by Scott S. Bergman US United States
October 20, 2017

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Cryptocurrency Guidebook Understanding Bitcoin - Book coverThe increased interest in cryptocurrencies, and the growth of their value, have recently generated a lot of articles and books on this subject. This book is different. It was written by a professional financier and professional trader. In this book, the author explains the basic principles of how cryptocurrency works. This is the minimum that you need to know before investing. In another case, you face high risks to lose money, and can come across scammers.

No other book on the subject explains so much, so simply and so succinctly. Cryptocurrency mining, trading, investing or storage – it doesn't matter what you choose, you need to understand how everything is arranged.

Read it, and learn about something that may change your life in ways you never imagined!

The book available as ebook, paperback, audiobook.

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Cryptocurrency Guidebook Understanding Bitcoin - Book cover
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