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Current Affair

by Ann Sepino  PH Philippines

February 21, 2019   |    821 reads    |   0 comments

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Current Affair - Book coverDARDAGAT had it all. He was a knight of the kingdom of Okeanos, a well-respected champion of King Ponteus, a friend of the said king’s niece and a fiancé to the kingdom’s princess. But when his betrothed unexpectedly falls in love with and leaves the waters for a land-dweller, Dardagat’s hope of ever becoming her groom sinks to the bottom of the sea.

CORDELIA bore it all. She was a Sea Witch, shunned by the other sea-dwellers not only for her looks or her breed’s nomadic lifestyle, but also for the danger she and her magic posed. But when a rare sickness spreads through the kingdom of Okeanos, she is persuaded to help the very creatures that hate her.

Now the two are stuck with each other, with Cordelia acting as the kingdom’s healer and Dardagat posing as her overseer. To make matters worse, Cordelia has been keeping secrets that the knight must never get wind of. But with each passing day, their heated debates turn into strong admiration – and an even stronger attraction – for each other.

Now the two most stubborn residents of the watery deep are going to find out that love can lurk beneath even the worst of deceits and the stormiest of seas.

Author's Note: 

This is the first time I have ever written a story that happens completely underwater. There are no scenes that occur on land, so describing what each setting (and even the actions of the characters) was a complete challenge.

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