The Customer Affinity Manifesto

The Customer Affinity Manifesto. Book by Joss Gillet. Book cover.
How AI can help businesses connect with customer emotions
Joss Gillet

25 October, 2022

How to take the pulse of customer emotions weekly without breaking the bank? What would make customers shift their spending to the competition? How to spot new consumer trends and pivot fast? How to build your own AI-powered data routine to improve competitiveness?

The Customer Affinity Manifesto by Joss Gillet looks into pressing issues that businesses have to adapt to since the pandemic. People have high expectations and their reactions to an unpleasant user experience are immediate, loud, and unequivocal. While the future is uncertain, evidence shows that keeping a blind eye on the damage companies could suffer from poor customer affinity would be fatal. This book is filled with the nectar extracted from three million customer comments posted on social media over a five-year data project. The learnings are fascinating as we explore the events that drove customers mad, including the impact of Covid-19, US presidential elections, Brexit, scams, racism or homophobia on customer sentiment.

Gillet seeks to understand how emotions influence purchase decisions in a digitized and polarized world. He invites you to step into the shoes of your customers and learn a new method that could help nurture deeper relationships with your customers.

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