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Cute Cats From Around The World

Book by Alex Rosel

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March 9, 2013  |  1,786 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Cute Cats From Around The World (book image did not load)Take a tour and enjoy an assortment of cats from various regions of the world. Their owners tell us how they originally got their cats - the stories are varied and some are truly heart-wrenching - and we are given an insight into each cat's character and what significant events have shaped their lives.
Discover what life threatening event overtook Celyn and exactly why he is now on a diet.
Read about the inspirational Bert and Ernie and how they came to their owner's rescue at a very traumatic time in her life.
Learn just why Fred is not what you would expect and just why one of the most believed myths about cats is, in fact, totally incorrect.
All these and more tales about a variety of cute cats from many different countries will keep you engrossed and soon have you appreciating what an important role cats play in a lot of people's lives.
With over 45 full color photographs of cats and kittens, this book will delight feline lovers everywhere.
And, just for good measure, a short quiz about the development of kittens is included.

About Alex Rosel

GB United Kingdom

Alex Rosel has been an author and a cat owner for more than 20 years. Having had more than 100 features and articles published in magazines, Alex decided that it was time to enter the digital world. Putting her love for cats to good use, and by contacting her many friends and fellow cat owners worldwide, the seeds of Alex's first Kindle book soon found a nourishing home in fertile ground....

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