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Dances With Marmots

A Pacific Crest Trail Adventure
by George G Spearing  NZ New Zealand

August 14, 2015   |    3,047 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadGeorge Spearing decided to take 'leave of absence' from his job as a firefighter in Auckland New Zealand and hike the Pacific Crest Trail. This is the inspirational story of his journey. Beginning at Devonport Fire Station in New Zealand, it follows his 2650 mile progress from the Mexican border and up into Canada. Traversing the desert areas and snowbound Sierra Nevada range of California, the Cascade ranges of Oregon and Washington and emerging in the Okanagan Forest of British Columbia, Canada.

The tale, often with some humor, tells of the characters and wildlife met along the way and his impressions of America and its National Parks and Wilderness areas.


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