Dangerous Deceit

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March 29, 2012

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Dangerous Deceit - Book CoverDangerous Deceit is set in the Regency period of England in 1813. In addition to the romantic element, it's full of intrigue, spies and villains. Lydia Hetherington is young, spirited and bored with balls and society. But when her brother's friend, Lord Marcus Sheldon, rides into her life, Lydia finds her heart stirred for the first time. But can she trust him?
Marcus Sheldon has an undercover government job to do while Britain and France are at war and Napoleon is still at large. But someone in high society is a traitor. From the moment he causes Lydia to fall from her horse, Sheldon finds it difficult to keep his mind on his important work. And he could do without the reappearance of the scheming Lady Smythe. Will the traitor be unmasked before Lydia is in danger of her life?


Great Regency Read
I truly enjoyed Dangerous Deceit. I don't read many Regency novels but I liked the espionage angle and attention to period detail Ms. Gemmell employed. I highly recommend this one for Regency fans.
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