Dark Harbour

Danny is new to the town. Together with his fellow college mates they're beginning to discover the lurid secrets of their new home: a sinister vigilante organisation, the twisted owner of the seaside amusements, and the mysterious Stella, the most beautiful girl in the whole town.

Their discoveries entice them down roads that, at first, threaten their friendships... then threaten their own lives...

A jealous boyfriend warning Danny to stay away from Stella... the vigilante organisation caught up in an old race to find a powerful treasure, one that people would kill to get hold of...

Ultimately it seems that a lot of people have some serious soul searching to do...

Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Soul Searcher is a story of profound lost love, of an anger impatiently waiting to be unleashed, of monsters and karmic angels, and of the search for our own soul.

Author's Notes

Dark Harbour was written as an exploration of the theme of revenge and the emotions behind it. 

The vigilante organisation in this book is neither good nor evil, but the willing deliverers of karma to the dark souls of this mysterious town. It draws many people to it: those who want to be a part of it, or those looking for justice to be met after their bitter misfortunes. Underlying this is a spiritual theme whereby the characters undergo a lot of soul searching, as they weigh up the bad things they've done in their lives and their search for redemption. 

The setting intends to evoke the traditional British seaside town, colourful carnivals of holidaying fun, mixed with mysterious and sinister characters who lurk in the shadows.

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Genre: Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers

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