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Dasutu’s Inovarsa

Book by D A Ford

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November 10, 2021  |  5,244 views  |  1 review / comment

Dasutu’s Inovarsa by D A Ford. A novel about a young boy with language difficulties. Book cover featuring peacock featherDasutu is a young boy with some peculiar language difficulties. We first meet him standing naked in front of a mirror asking what he can know of himself, and of the universe? He lives with his loving and supportive family on a small island during the 1960’s. Although the setting is idyllic, there are nevertheless philosophical and cultural challenges that he works through.

An obvious aspect of the novel is an unusual language treatment. This allows the text to refer to things that may ordinarily stimulate preconditioned responses, without linking to their usual signifier, thus offering a degree of freedom from that baggage, such that the reader has at least some chance of experiencing Dasutu’s naive perspective.

As Dasutu’s investigations are carried out, he makes some discoveries, while other questions remain unanswered, yet his journey is subtly resolved and satisfying.


Author's Notes

I love the characters that have arrived in the process of writing this novel, and I have enjoyed working with the concepts that the organic process caused their story to traverse.

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D A Ford lives in Whakapara, New Zealand. Along the spectrum of gregarious to reclusive, he tends toward the latter.


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