DEAD DOWN EAST is a smart, humorous and lively murder mystery. Jesse Thorpe, a young and struggling private detective operating out of Augusta, is asked to solve the assassination of Maine's governor. Accepting the case could break him or get him killed, but he throws caution to the wind, dives right in, and drags his band of eclectic compadres along with him. Imagine Jason Bourne meets Jeffrey Lebowski in Fargo and you'll have some idea of how the story unfolds. If it doesn't make you laugh out loud, seek medical advice. Enjoy.

Author's Notes

Humphrey Bogart played Phillip Marlowe in The Big Sleep and Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon. I’d say that Jesse Thorpe, the narrator of this mystery novel, is a modern day, and somewhat younger, Humphrey Bogart. Jesse is not quite as cocky as Sam Spade. But almost. His feisty girlfriend, Angele Boucher, keeps him on edge and sees to it that he “keeps it real.”

I was inspired by the mysteries of Tim Cockey, who injects a lot of humor in each of his “Hitchcock Sewell” mysteries. It was the humor that got my attention, and it hung on until I finally began writing my own novels. 

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