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Death-Talk Silence

by Janine Purvis  US United States

April 8, 2018   |    903 reads    |   0 comments

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Death-Talk Silence - Book coverIt’s 1984, and sixteen-year-old Nick Cooper hates his life. His dad is dead; his mother is depressed, and his stepfather is a jerk. Bored with school, he quits—a decision that outrages his stepdad. As a result, the man kicks Nick out. Having no place to go, he attempts to take shelter in the backroom of his godfather's arcade, but someone tries to burglarize the business. Nick thwarts this event, sending the criminal to jail. Feeling nervous, he leaves the arcade and decides to take his chances on the streets.  Nick locates an abandoned warehouse where he takes refuge. Over the course of weeks, he invites four additional teenage boys to live with him, and Nick and his group pledge to protect one another. Later, when he stumbles upon his father's grave desecrated and his friend's mother murdered, Nick realizes the criminal has returned. He vows to keep his family safe but wonders how he and the others will respond when they and the sociopath meet.

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