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Diary of a Drunk Man "The Younger Years"

by Scott James Ries  US United States

June 23, 2012   |    1,131 reads    |   0 comments

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Diary of a Drunk Man "The Younger Years"This book will show you how far one can fall and still get back up. I have climbed from the pits of hell (with the help of the Good Lord) to reach success. I am now a successful Logistics Manager and Personal Trainer. See how I went to prison multiple times and flirted with death constantly.

About The Author

I was a drunk for over 20 years. My last dance with alcohol was on February 15, 2009. I now use fitness to live a better life. I have 7 DUI's (on record) and have spent over 8 years of my life locked up. I have spent most of my life looking over my shoulder because I created more enemies than I would care to have; to include of course Johnny Law. I own a few snowplows in the surrounding counties near where I live (rhetoric for how much money I have spent in fines). I have struggled with my weight and health due to fast food and beer being my main food groups. I loved smoking cigarettes so... more

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