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Diary of a Street Princess

The Estella Dior Story
by Estella Dior  US United States

April 30, 2013   |    1,214 reads    |   0 comments

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Diary of a Street Princess - Book Image Did Not Load!Young and hustling, Roxie knew the business like the back of her hand. Growing up in a generational trend of gang-bangers and drug dealing, Roxie didn't have a choice but to follow in the footsteps as her ancestors. Trapped in the game and living in a world full of self-destruction, learning the rules of the streets became a second-hand notion after the arrest of her mother.
Estella Dior takes you on an emotional roller coaster as she tells the story of her life through Roxie. Making major decisions that has her choosing life or death through the court systems and her baby father, Roxie must find a way to save her-self, her mother and an empire of drugs, money and people that she crossed on her way to the top. Combined with the feelings of Set It Off, Why Did I Get Married 2 and Sparkle, Estella Dior gives an outstanding delve into her life on new her path to glory and finding an unexpected love that will lead her life into new possibilities.

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