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Do-It-Yourself Candlemaking

Book by Nick Holden

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July 5, 2017  |  2,180 views  |  2 reviews / comments

Do-It-Yourself Candlemaking - Book coverTired of spending a bunch of money on expensive candles? This book will show you how to craft your own candles from home. Complete with a full supplies list and a step-by-step guide to help you through the process, this book is all you'll need to start crafting candles today.

Do-It-Yourself Candlemaking is the best source for all your candle making needs. Whether you're just making them for fun or you plan on selling them to friends and family, this guide will walk you through the process with ease.

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About Nick Holden

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Nick Holden is a non-fiction author with a focus on home-based activities and DIY crafts. His published work has educated and inspired many readers to attempt new things, and become successful doing them. Nick's interest includes: sports, reading, movies, food, and of course, animals. Be on the lookout for more titles from Nick in the future.


We had a lot of fun crafting our own candles with the help of this guide. We turned it into a whole family event. They turned out great and smell even better! Highly recommend!

This is an ebook that I'll keep around on my phone for a long time. I'm not a very crafty person but this guide made it child's play to create phenomenal candles cheaply! A must have for everyone.

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