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Dragon's Legacy (Book Three of the Dragon & Hawk series)

by Jude Johnson  US United States

July 9, 2012   |    1,196 reads    |   0 comments

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Dragon's Legacy (Book Three of the Dragon & Hawk series)The third book in the Dragon & Hawk series continues the Evan Jones family saga in the Arizona Territory. The year is 1904 in Tucson, Arizona Territory. Jamie Jones, eldest son of Evan and Reyna, looks like his Mexican mother--which causes him no end of scuffles with the increasing number of prejudiced Easterners in town. Determined to prove he is their equal, Jamie sets out to court the most beautiful newcomer, the highly fashionable Miss Iris Crawford, who has an agenda of her own.
Meanwhile in San Diego, Percy Kimball lives the life of a spoiled rogue until his father commits suicide. Learning that his father's last words were not left to him, but sent to a Mrs. Reyna Jones in Tucson, A.T., Percy decides to find her and resolve the secret his father carried to his grave. When he arrives in Tucson, he sees a kindred con artist in Miss Crawford and sets up a series of clandestine meetings for mutual satisfaction.
Jamie and Percy's lives collide and become intertwined in a web of deceits and sins of their fathers--a Dragon's Legacy that will affect their families forever.

About The Author

I love history and places with a rich, storied past. Always have. So many of the tales I write step into the past somewhere in time.

I am a member of Gecko Gals Ink, LLC, a group of “sassy Tucson authors” who joined together to do groups signing, support one another, and encourage other writers to become published by holding writing seminars and classes.

I have studied Cymraeg—the Welsh Language—and learned just enough to be dangerous in Cardiff pubs. I also manage to mangle border Spanish well, but that gets better with cerveza. I live in the foothills of the Santa Catalina... more

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