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The Dreadful Dawn

Book by Kalen Iselt
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January 31, 2023  |  294 views

The Dreadful Dawn (book) by Kalen Iselt. Book coverA family of four is forced to confront a devastating, brutal reality: they are going to lose someone they love. Not only that, but he will try to take all of them with him.

A mother and their eight-year-old twin boy and girl face the depths of despair when their father becomes infected with COVID-X, and they must try to survive until dawn.

What ensues is a night of terror, as the monster he becomes, a Shadow Seeker, is consumed by rage and bloodlust, with no hesitation to kill the family that he loved and cherished mere hours before.

About Kalen Iselt

ID Indonesia

Kalen Iselt is an entrepreneur by nature, having personally founded several businesses. Kalen hails from Melbourne, Australia but currently lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. He enjoys both reading and writing thriller and horror stories.

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