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Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Colors'

by Kathleen Fields  US United States

May 13, 2014   |    1,271 reads    |   0 comments

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Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Colors' - Book coverJust about everyone has had at least one dream that we cannot forget! On the other hand, maybe we can only remember a small portion of it so clearly that we see it repeatedly when our eyes are closed. Some of us may have had a dream that gnaws away at us... constantly pondering on what the meaning could be, or perhaps have had a frightening dream that seems to be predicting a harsh, tragic event in your life, or perhaps someone you may know, or possibly it could be pointing to a certain situation in your life?
This author believes that dreams are a gift from God to all peoples, another way He communicates with us on a level that we can understand. This volume (#2) out of the series: "Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer?", presents a list of colors, with different sections that include: a list suggesting possible interpretations;  a list using scriptures from the Bible that use the term, which may help with the interpretation. In addition, there is a list for each color of recognized common utilizations in today's world. By researching the meaning of 'colors that we have remembered from our dreams, we just may find an a prayer.

About The Author

Kathleen Fields was born in New Jersey, however spent her youth in California and Florida; she married Steve Fields and moved to the interior of Alaska, resided there for 30 plus years, and has recently moved to warm sunny Florida. She has a large active fun family, which includes 11 grandchildren. Her hobbies consist of long walks, crocheting, sewing and researching. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, and is an experienced Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader and Deacon. She has served as a Community Lighthouse Aglow President for over 9 years after serving as a Lighthouse... more

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