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Dressed for Eternity

by Marilynn Dawson  CA Canada

December 21, 2014   |    1,440 reads    |   0 comments

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Dressed for Eternity - Book CoverWhat does a Roman Soldier, a Yemeni headdress, and the Bride of Christ have in common?  Do gems, silk and honey have something to say together? What if the message of eternity was found in antiquity?
Introducing, "Dressed for Eternity", the latest book by Author Marilynn Dawson.  Through practical research into down-to-earth materials, history and workmanship, Marilynn draws some interesting parallels to character God longs to see in the Bride of Christ.  Join her as she makes forays into Egypt, Yemen, Canaan, Rome and ultimately, the New Jerusalem.  Learn how God adorns His Bride, and the practical, everyday applications to life lived before God and the world.

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