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Encounter With Jesus Christ

End of Time Warnings
by Regina Clarinda  ID Indonesia

April 9, 2015   |    1,550 reads    |   0 comments

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Encounter With Jesus Christ - Boo Image Did Not Load!On July 19, 2011, at 10 am, Regina Clarinda had just begun her daily quiet time with God, when something happened.
“All of a sudden my room became so bright. A dazzling white light appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the room. A few seconds later, it became so bright and blinding that I had to close my eyes and cover my face with my hands.
“Be not afraid, My daughter.”
A voice was heard. Straight away I knew it was Jesus’ voice.
The fire of God fell upon me. The anointing was so strong that my body started shaking all over.
"Fear not My daughter, I have chosen you to deliver My messages to My people around the world. I will bring you with Me and show you many things that have never been shown before, things that have never been revealed to the world. I will reveal many things, including the things that will occur in the darkest days of mankind.”
“A day will not be enough to show you all those things, therefore I will bring you with Me seven times for seven days.”

•    Feel the tension as the Lord took Regina to a wheat field (symbolizing the world) and showed her the horrifying threats that are coming soon to destroy it
•    A journey to caves of death and the valley of the shadow of death
•    A preview of the Great Tribulation
•    Experience the excitement and joy as Regina shares her trip to heaven to see the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

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