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Escape From Guinea Island

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April 20, 2021  |  1,059 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Escape From Guinea Island - Book coverWhen creature-of-habit news editor Jenny McBeth is suddenly given a coveted promotion she is not qualified for, she finds herself thrust into a motley news crew and sent to an island off the coast of Australia. Her task: to hunt down the truth behind the British Royal family’s disappearance, whose plane lost contact over the uncharted territory. Shortly after arriving, the group realizes something is amiss, and soon it is they who become the hunted in a struggle of deception and survival.

Offshore, a group of thieves aboard a luxury cruise ship must escape to the island, unleashing unforeseen horrors; for what was once thought to be nothing more than fiction is very, very real as a well-intentioned medical experiment casts a novel virus upon the world, rapidly spreading among the island’s native tribe. A battle humankind has never known has begun, and a cure must be found before all succumb to the infected.


About Dexter Conrad

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Dexter Conrad is born and raised in the islands of the Pacific, grew up as a country boy with a passion for reading and traveling. Enjoys sci-fi, fantasy and mystery books.

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