Europe Is Getting Sick - Abandoning Marriage

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July 1, 2016

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Europe Is Getting Sick - Abandoning Marriage (book) by Ildai DariA book on social research of how abandoning marriage affect society. A detailed course of written content with the author explaining the logical pattern of caused social disturbances.

Foreword from the book.
This book is written with the intention of highlighting to the European reader a specific social conditioning which has been instilled in our lives through our capitalistic society and has in its own given rise to several social disturbances we experience in our modern life and has been with us for so long without it having been noticed. This undercover new disease is the preference of leading an unmarried life over married life. This disease however did not enter our lifestyles by conscious choices; rather it has been enforced on us by our socio-economic capitalistic society.

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Europe Is Getting Sick - Abandoning Marriage (book) by Ildai Dari
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