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The Event Usher’s Handbook

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by Utibe Samuel Mbom  NG Nigeria

October 16, 2021   |    231 reads    |   0 comments

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The Event Usher’s Handbook by Utibe Samuel Mbom. Book coverUshering is a pivotal skill to learn that can be used for numerous events in this present age. Concerts, Weddings, Birthdays, Churches, and Theatre Shows all have Ushers.

From identifying your role as an Usher, to taking responsibilities, this manual adds ample flesh to the bony subject of Ushering. Whether you are a volunteer or professional Usher, you need to be conversant with your duties, demands, and the intricacies of Ushering. Replete with nuggets of profound business wisdom, this book teaches both budding and expert Ushers the nitty-gritty of event ushering, Usher-guest etiquette, proper hygiene, code of ethics among pro Ushers, and creative ways of getting a raise from penny-pinching bosses.

Event Ushers are the pillars of Ushering agencies, vested with the power to prop up or crumble the business. And this handbook plays the role of a salvager, and also seeks to instruct the passive learner, as well as the would-be Usher in the art of relating with patrons, building a solid reputation, and getting more Kudos, Clients, and Referrals.


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