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October 25, 2016  |  13,429 views  |  28 reviews / comments

EvOLv (book) by Ryan SequeiraThere is a reason you are reading this right now, Observe the cosmos around you, there are signs everywhere confirming this event.
Are you restless for the revelation of cOsMic secrets?
Are you ready to face the hypocrisys of mankind?
Are you willing to penetrate your consciousness?
Are you prepared to experience the presence of the ancient Gods?
Are you willing to be consumed by the invisible?
Are you waiting to explore the unknown?
So is EL, a kid who does everything it takes to understand the path to divinity while battling the odds that stand against mankind's ascension.
This is a true story.
These events may occur, may have occurred or may be occuring in a parallel universe or in this very galaxy.
Confluenced into an explosion of epic proportions are the stories of individuals uncovering Pre-Vedic secrets and a Tantric text that would evolve the human race into the next cycle of beings.
Accompanied by Tantric theology, this tale will distort your perception of reality and teleport you into a thrilling psychedelic adventure that will resonate with you throughout your existence.
Let the kid lead you towards your innermost core, where the mystery of mysteries lie.
This insight is equivalent to a grain of sand in comparison to a galaxy & that's all I'm telling.

Author's Notes

Amazon Kindle Best Seller no #5

This tale is about a young kid who is questioning the basic human tendencies, this feeling is very common within every adolescent.
The journey of this lad within his own consciousness would ignite feelings of awareness within each ones spirit.
Along with its thrilling content, the philosophy and theory of ancient Vedic texts get unraveled easily before the reader.

About Ryan Sequeira

IN India

Tai Chi Master & Inventor of a Tantric Meditation Technique. Doctorate in Meta-Physics. At a young age of 15, I was initiated into the first Meta-Physical technique. Today, before me I see a Best Selling Novel and a Contemporary meditation technique that is ready to the future generations for the expansion of consciousness.


Light of life and soul evolve gv u new dimention of spirit of body

Breath in - breath out Now, everything that could have ever existed and everything that will ever exist between that pause of inhale & exhale, is in this book! Travel to multiverse and new dimensions with every breath you take while you read between the lines of this beautiful & mystical book.. read it before the material world bans it!!

Quite an interesting approach to things. Exquisitely written.

This book will make you question the various fundamentals you've been religiously following all your life. The author has an interesting way of looking at things, the ones we are so oblivious to, thanks to the way the system has managed to program us and run the show for their benefits. After all, are we really who we think we are ?

Yaa It's true , This question are from our true life ... means this all things which EL did , We All should do this ... Heads of to the writer .

The book will turn your thought process it's really amazing ,the way of describing things just can't be put in words ,I would recommend everybody to read it...

Just the overview/description of the book gave me shivers. I have read half of the book already... and I am awestruck. I am so hooked, i can bet i will finish the book by evening !

Sums up much of what this confused life is all about. Most questions unanswered or answers altered to suit the human ear. A good job put together that creates the interest to keep going on!! Keep it up!!

A very original take on fantasy and spirituality. Except for Terry Pratchett, no fantasy author has been successful in enthralling me to the extent that this book has. Books like these give hope that the age of fantastic literature isn't over yet, especially after the death of Pratchett.

An amazing book. Changes ur thinking and perseption of things. Ryan has so intricately wound the fabrics of concepts and mythology and religion that what makes it an amazing read. Hope there are more to come.

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