Feed My Heart!

Feed My Heart! - Book cover.

6 November, 2018

Feed My Heart! is not your typical romance tale to see who hooks up with whom - although - there is a love story.

Feed My Heart! is not a mystery to rush to the end to see who done it - however, it features a marvelous hero.

Feed My Heart! is not a book of poetry - but bits of verse, rap and song are together keeping hearts warm & strong.

Feed My Heart! is not a daily journal - however, there are methods helping you stretch and reach to better your best.

Feed My Heart!  5 Ways to feed your heart good today, tomorrow and always.

Author's Notes

Feed My Heart!  has been a labor of love.  The five distinct ways to feed hearts good collectively will warm, nurture and empower hearts forever!

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Genre: Non Fiction > Inspirational

ISBN: 978-1535276030


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