Flock of Quackers

A Prayer With Every Step

"Flock of Quackers: A Prayer With Every Step" draws inspiration from the author's own life experiences. It has been described by others as a "colorful and delightful guidebook to spirituality" that offers insight into a personal journey toward peace, self-discovery, and faith. It includes stories, prayers, and reflections encouraging readers to connect with their inner selves, the natural world, and the divine.

This inspirational book of messages came to be as a direct single answer to 2 seemingly unrelated prayers ~ Get Ducks! The principles & and practices of Biblical environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture & and animal husbandry for ducks soon became a big part of the author's daily routine.

Author's Notes

One reviewer claims that "'Flock of Quackers' leaves "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" in the Dust!

"Flock of Quackers" is an authentic report of daily life being lived in the presence of God, a kind of silent working. Susan Shining-Star has more than enough mind-sense reasons to cut and run from the life of cards she has been dealt. She chooses everyday moment-to-moment gratitude as her response. More than once reading this book written with true sincerity brought tears to my eyes. In the end, it brought great peace. If the answer that comes from prayer is outside the box, it is because God is outside of the box you built. Read this book and be open to the wonder that comes in prayer. What will be the answer that comes? What will be your "GET DUCKS!"? (And by the way, an actual useful How-To Book on caring for ducks and asking for help when you need it.)" D. Dawdy 

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Genre: Non Fiction > Inspirational

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