A Foreboding Future

Kopp Chronicles

The rise of authoritarian aggression abroad thrusts the dashing British Military Intelligence officer, Richard Cordwell, into mortal danger as he faces his most formidable foe to date, only to be saved by the beautiful French spy Madame Duvernay. Meanwhile, at home, mirroring today’s cultural wars and the controversy over book bans, passage of the anti-obscenity Comstock Law creates an uproar in New York City as it puts an innocent woman on trial. As these events unfold, an immigrant family's hopes and dreams face a foreboding future, but the discovery of gold and growth of cities in the Western prairies restores their faith in the American dream. The exciting Kopp Chronicles saga continues as rulers leave the world stage and new ones rise to lead their nation’s resurgence.

Author's Notes

The Amazon and Goodreads 5-Star acclaimed Kopp Chronicles series of novels have been nominated for Reader's Choice Awards, Goodreads Choice Awards and have received glowing reviews and been featured in “First Lines” of "BookLife Publishers Weekly", an international news website of book publishing and bookselling. They have also received numerous "Cover of the Month" & "Book of the Day" Honors.

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