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Gregory Kopp


Gregory Kopp is an Amazon 5-Star Author, Graduate of Northwestern University and a Principal Consultant for Kopp Company, a privately held firm. Gregory is also a Talent Ambassador for The Walt Disney Company. The Amazon 5 Star acclaimed Kopp Chronicles series of novels have been nominated for Reader's Choice Awards and numerous "Cover of the Month" & "Book of the Day" Honors.“ The novels also have received a glowing review and featured “First Lines” in "Publishers Weekly", an international news website of book publishing and bookselling.

Books by Gregory Kopp

Danger to the Throne: Kopp Chronicles by Gregory Kopp. Book cover
A beautiful French spy and an intrepid Scotland Yard detective are thrust into tumultuous American and European capital intrigue. Enjoy the next exciting volume, based on a true story, of the powerful and epic Kopp Chronicles series.
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