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Why the Dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Can Still Save Blacks In America
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by Raymond Sturgis  US United States

February 11, 2018   |    1,970 reads    |   0 comments

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FOREVER MEN - Book coverBlack America has made tremendous progress, and the hard work of our leaders from the past and today was instrumental in making our future better. However, we have a long way to go until we are truly proud of being black and proud of our accomplishments. There are too many murders, injustices in America judicial system, our choosing of political candidates and destruction of the black family for us to feel we succeeded.

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. message of equality is extremely relevant today, and we must let America and the world understand, we are here, and we want police brutality to end, exploitation of black women to end and the psychological atmosphere of social media and Hollywood that make black men feel they are irrelevant to the black family progress. Malcolm X is FOREVER, Martin Luther King Jr is FOREVER, and we are FOREVER proud of having them as our FOREVER leaders!

Author's Note: 

The book consists of words and speeches of Malcolm x and Martin Luther King Jr, as well as compositions on today's social issues.

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