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The Foxglove Murders

by M P Gaspari  US United States

June 9, 2021   |    980 reads    |   0 comments

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The Foxglove Murders by M P Gaspari. Book coverfoxglove (noun)
A common garden plant - (digitalis purpurea) - It is a source of the cardiac drug Digitalis and also contains other chemicals which affect the heart. The symptoms of Foxglove poisoning include: cardiac abnormalities, gastric upset, nausea, labored breathing, diarrhea, headache and death. The entire plant is poisonous but it is most toxic before the seeds ripen.

The Foxglove Murders - a cozy mystery for the inquiring mind

Dorothy's Home is an upscale skilled nursing facility designed with the needs of the residents in mind. They can enjoy their golden years in peace and have all the same comforts of their own home. Adult children place their parents there, confident in the high quality of care the trained and certified staff provides. But what about the other senior citizens living there? Suddenly, residents are dying, and it's not from natural causes. Someone is killing them with Foxglove poison. Who is behind these murders? Could it be the antagonist, Opal Lambert, or the tattooed dishwasher, Ozzie Bourne? Or is it someone with a deeper, darker reason?

This is what Detective Jennifer Roberts and her partner, Detective Carol Vanderbeek must find out, before the nefarious killer strikes again. Everyone is a suspect and no one living at Dorothy's Home is safe. The detectives, coroner and his forensic investigator leave no stone unturned to solve this gripping mystery.


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