From King to Obama

From King to Obama by Earl Ofari Hutchinson - Book cover.
Witness to a Turbulent History

18 March, 2015

In his new book From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History. Hutchinson takes the reader on a fast paced, highly readable, and enjoyable remembrance of those times. He gives a you are there sweeping feel of events from Dr. King’s civil rights battles to the entrance in the White House of President Obama.

From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History seeks to convey the exhilaration the author feels at having walked in the shadow of history of a Dr. King, a Miles Davis, a John Lennon, a Bob Marley, and many others. Hutchinson’s mission is to make the reader feel the exhilaration he felt meeting the people whose monumental accomplishments affected the lives of millions over a half century from the mid-1960s to the first decade of the 21st Century.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies

ISBN: 9780692370711


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