A Funhouse of Nightmares

Twisted Tales For Troubled Grown-ups

Step into a twisted realm where the lines between reality and the bizarre blur, and prepare to be captivated by "A Funhouse of Nightmares: Twisted Tales For Troubled Grown-ups."

In this macabre anthology, five tales transport you to surreal landscapes of the mind, where the strange, supernatural, and occult intertwine with a touch of humor and absurdity.

In "Static," a troubled young man discovers that the static on his radio holds prescient advice, leading him on a dark and unpredictable path. "Toad" introduces us to a lovely young woman possessed by the spirit of an Inca priest, as she plots to destroy her unfaithful spouse in a spine-chilling quest for vengeance.

Witness the fall and redemption of Beelzebub in "The Book of Fallen Angels," a haunting exploration of divine rebellion and the pursuit of redemption. Prepare for a poignant tale in "Tears For Topsy," where a circus clown makes a fateful exchange, sacrificing his soul for happiness in a world consumed by darkness.

Finally, embark on a mind-altering journey with "Mould," as a hallucinogenic truffle transports a young woman into a mesmerizing realm inhabited by anthropomorphized woodland creatures.

These stories weave together elements of the supernatural, occult, and the absurd, delivering a captivating experience that oscillates between unease and laughter. Described as modern Kafkaesque, "A Funhouse of Nightmares" promises to entertain, thrill, and leave you questioning the boundaries of reality. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the bizarre and delightful, where nothing is quite as it seems, nor should it be...

Author's Notes

Robert L Appleton is an author known for his supernatural, absurd, and occult stories. His writing weaves intricate worlds with vibrant characters teetering on the precipices of their own tales.

With a background in art and animation, his work combines vivid visuals and rich details, painting moving pictures with words. His stories are like wild fairground rides, disgustingly hilarious and 'out there,' yet with a moral compass. Heroes and villains tumble through scenes bursting with his irrepressible imagination. While there is a journey toward the right choices and defeating evil, conventions are subverted, and heroes don’t always receive their reward.

Inspired by authors like Carlos Castaneda, Raymond Chandler, and Evelyn Waugh, Robert's style is both kinetic and disciplined, creating imaginary moral worlds where goodness doesn't always triumph. From his culturally vibrant birthplace in London to his diverse training in fine art and animation, Robert's storytelling style is a unique blend of artistry and technology.

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Genre: Fiction > Horror & Paranormal

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