Gaia's Majesty - Mission Called

Women in Power
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by Roger B. Burt US United States
May 18, 2017

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Gaia's Majesty - Mission Called: Women in Power - Book coverOur earth mother, Gaia, was intrigued by clever creatures on her Earth. They held promise but also danger for themselves and her planet.

Gaia reserved a gifted population of women dedicated to safeguarding the future of humankind and Earth. The ones called Progenitors lived in the sea and could transform to live on the land if they chose. Their families on land were called Primals. Among them were a defense force of women called the Andromeda. Collectively they called themselves Tethyans.

The definitive epoch of environmental and social crises she foresaw is upon us. Unless humankind serves as stewards for Earth and ourselves we may live on a despoiled planet as people held in bondage by a wealthy class of plutocrats.

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy explores if Gaia’s preparations will succeed. Is this story a myth, or like so many myths, does it reside on the cusp of reality?

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Gaia's Majesty - Mission Called: Women in Power - Book cover