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Geminus: A Novella

by Cory Swanson  US United States

November 26, 2019   |    598 reads    |   0 comments

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Geminus: A Novella - Book coverGeminus is a "powerful, riveting, funny, and sweet" story about sisterly love, free will and self determination, and remembering the future.   

Time is a fickle thing. Is the future as fixed as the past?  Cassie and Helen are twins - like millions of other twin’s they share a special bond.   However, their bond is different, for Cassie remembers the future while Helen experiences the present. The girls and their mother have kept this secret from the world but as Cassie and Helen head off to college their lives are about to be irrevocably changed forever.  

"With just the slightest tweak on reality, Cory masterfully plays with questions of fate and freedom. This short read brings thoughtful insight into questions wrestled with since our species began to remember."  -Amazon Reviewer

Speculative and magical realism fiction.

Author's Note: 

My novella, Geminus, was inspired when I misread a movie description and thought it was talking about a virus that made people remember the future. It wasn’t at all the plot of that movie, but the idea stayed with me. I mulled it over until I created the twins in the book, one who remembered the past and one who remembered the future.

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