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Geronimo Jim

by J. S. Lome  US United States

September 18, 2019   |    419 reads    |   0 comments

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Geronimo Jim - Book cover

The Dead Shark had a Man Inside . . .

Being a secret pirate is no easy thing for Sixteen-year old Miles who is a dishwasher in the South Seas. . . But when an escaped convict floats ashore in the body of a shark, his fate changes. Fighting back horrors of a life of boredom, he is thrust into a dangerous plot involving a stolen map, a crashed glider, and a sunken ship. But Telescope Jim has newly-constructed ships, and is hunting the rebellious pirates in search of their treasure. And a secret twist will change everything for Miles when his love interest comes between the treasure and his heart.

About The Author

J. S. Lome has been writing Adventure Books for over a decade. The Longfellow Adventures begin with Telescope Jim and are followed by Toothless Jim and Geronimo Jim.

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