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Quicksand Jim

by J. S. Lome  US United States

January 30, 2020   |    303 reads    |   0 comments

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Quicksand Jim - Book coverThe Clues to the Ancient City were Hidden on the Animals . . .

Marooned on a desert island where scavengers pillage for spare parts, Miles the Mutineer waits for contact from his fellow buccaneers. But when he discovers a map in the bones of a giant mammoth, he is plunged into a feud between pirate factions, at the center of which is a dangerous treasure. After taking refuge with a band of pillagers, Miles discovers there are more to his shipmates than he suspects. Their feud with outlaw, Quicksand Jim is moving toward an imminent battle. But who will discover the treasure first? What is the secret cargo the pillagers carry, which requires them to take a mysterious stop each night? And what danger awaits, buried in the ruins of the ancient city . . .

About The Author

J. S. Lome has been writing Adventure Books for over a decade. The Longfellow Adventures begin with Telescope Jim and are followed by Toothless Jim and Geronimo Jim.

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