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by B. R. COOMBS  US United States

July 30, 2011   |    1,371 reads    |   0 comments

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GET TO KNOW GOD BEFORE YOU GOI am the sole author of this book which was self-published and listed for sale on by CREATESPACE an Amazon Company. After acknowledging God by faith in my life, I felt the urge to share my experiences with others. Upon realizing how simple, beneficial and uncomplicated it is to live a Christian lifestyle, I just thought it would be selfish of me if I did not share my knowledge and experiences with others, especially those who have a fear about how to approach this lifestyle and what it would entail in their present life.
The book provides simple uncomplicated information about the benefits of a personal relationship with God and the fact that God is not a bully who is waiting to "get us". Instead, all he wants us to do is accept him, believe in him and love him back the way he loves us. In this book, I share the freedom and escape from loneliness, bad habits, and fear from a life that was spiraling out of control and came to the brink of death but was gently pulled back by a loving, gentle hand. And now, the experience of change, the joy of worship and the pleasure of sharing. The book is based on the Holy Bible (KJV) with lots of references used to reinforce the message.
People who read this book will discover that no one of us is better than the other in Christ. To him, we are all the same no matter the rank and file, there is no bigotry in God. It is about "Serving Made Simple". They will find out that there is no need for preparation to serve nor a need to stop what they are doing regardless of what in-spite of the critics and naysayers. He will peel off the layers in your life that he does not require and guide your life while you go on living. All you have to do is Experience it!

About The Author

I am a teacher, paralegal, author. Mother or two. I reside in fabulous Florida and spend a lot of time writing. I love to share ideas and have a passion for controversies because I am very opinionated. I am a Christian who loves God and believe many people do not realize just how much better off they would be if they just give God a Chance. Born on Valentines Day. I love traveling and am a nature freak. I love big trees. I think there is a mystery behind them. I love wild life, birds in particular. I am a college graduate and specialized in Early Childhood Education and Cookery and... more

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