Goddess of Battle

by Gwendolyn Rache... IL Israel
June 15, 2018

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Goddess of Battle - Book coverGoddess of Battle is a tale of two young women living on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- one an immigrant from the U.S. and a soldier, the other a Palestinian student and wife. The violence impacts on both their lives but when they meet, they see a potential for friendship that bridges that divide of hatred and forge a relationship they hope might help change the world. It is a story that highlights the possibility of resolving bloodshed from the grassroots, and mirrors a small but growing reality that many don't know exists.

Author's Note: 

This book had to be written. It's characters cried out for a chance to speak to a world that sees the Israelis and Palestinians in a constant state of strife and is rarely given the chance to see them as they are -- human beings, each with their own beliefs and narratives. It was an opportunity for me to give all these people, who I met in the course of three decades of reporting, a voice. It fictionalizes real experiences -- like covering suicide bombings -- and calls upon a tapestry of real people in the creation of every character. It was written and rewritten, the end was sometimes devastating and at times optimistic.

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Goddess of Battle - Book cover