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Godonism (book) by Theo Von CezarAhma and Jovian, two eighteen-year-old boys, have been given the sack from Windmill Plant - an electricity generating company. They don’t have too many options left since the present economy (it is the year 159 of Nebula Era) can no longer sustain a population of fifty billions people. While roaming the streets of Nebula City, the boys are presented a choice by a guardian angel whom they meet in a building called ‘The Church of Nonbelievers.’ As long as they follow the instructions strictly and do not deviate from the plan, everything is going to be fine, the woman says, otherwise they will meet death or beggary. All they have to do is deliver tickets to Hereafter One and Hereafter Two. The sinners, when the time has come, will be granted eternal life in Hereafter.

The boys accept the offer and things go as planned for almost two years. Then a revolt of all beggars erupts in Nebula City. This coincides with the elections for the mayor of Nebula City, which turns out to be a fierce battle in which the chief off all beggars also competes.
By now the anarchy has spread throughout the entire city.

About Theo Von Cezar

RO Romania

The author of 'Godonism', 'The wild animal society', 'The road that never ends,' and dystopian fatalist. Writing starts as a selfish process -- at first you do it for yourself (when you speak the truth for yourself), and then you expect a larger audience.

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The Wild Animal Society


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