The Wild Animal Society

by RO Romania
September 11, 2016

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The Wild Animal Society (book) by Theo Von CezarFrom the African Savannah to the Great Plains, the animals have had enough of Man’s greed, corruption and immorality. Enough is enough.
Under the leadership of Nietzsche, an enlightened lion, the animal philosophers of the world have a plan that might just correct the injustices of the past, but will all the humans meekly agree to the new order?
What would happen if the world’s animals could think like us and talk like us? What if they could read and reason? And what if they then decided that they have had enough suffering at our hands? Enough of the human propensity for greed and corruption?
In this fantastical fable we follow Nietzsche the lion as he rallies all the animals of the world into one final bid for saving the world… from us.

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The Wild Animal Society (book) by Theo Von Cezar
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